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The WWSA is inviting member nations to apply for sanctioning of events enabling competitors wanting to compete in the 2022 World Waveski Surfing Titles (WWST) achieve or improve their ranking. Rankings can be found on the "Rankings" menu. 

As a means of explanation, this is how the ranking/seeding system works for WWSA Sanctioned events; applies to Open Men’s and Open Women’s only:

Points obtained from a sanctioned event attract a coefficient of 25% of the maximum that can be awarded from the WWST; viz a viz

• WWST event (2018) has the highest number of points (2000), the next most recent WWST event (2016) 50% (1000) and a sanctioned event 25% (500)

Only the best 3 results will count towards rankings with any of the below combination

• 2 WWST plus 1 sanctioned events (maximum points 3,500),

• 1 WWST plus 2 sanctioned events (maximum points 3,000), and

• 3 sanctioned events (maximum points 1,500)

The whole intent of the ranking/seeding system is to enable the draw to be developed for the WWST separating top riders from meeting up too early in the draw. The WWSA International Technical Contest Directors – Virgile Humbert and Clement Guilbert will use all available information to ensure that riders are placed in the draw that is fair and objective.

Please contact us direct for the Sanctioning Criteria and as well note the cutoff date for running a sanctioned event is 7 October 2022 which coincides with the close off date for entry to the 2022 WWST.

Applications for Sanctioning need to be received by the WWSA at least 2 weeks prior to the proposed event unless there are exceptional circumstances. There is no fee to apply for sanctioning.

Please send applications or enquiries to

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